Thursday, 22 December 2011

Two reviews for By The Slice

By The Slice, the short comic I illustrated this summer on a script by Giulie Speziani, received two excellent reviews a little while ago! The first appeared on PF Blog and contains quite a few compliment about my drawings:

"It’s full of rich backgrounds, and simply terrific use of line weight. Gwen goes to work at a pizza joint called “Pie In The Sky” and I just adored everything that followed. The main character and overall visual style are just so good natured and aesthetically affable"

The second one appeared on Optical Sloth with equal enthusiasm:

"the art for this is fantastic and it’s a fun little story, so you should give it a shot"
So, thanks a lot to both reviewers! And don't forget to drop a line to Giulie at

By the Slice can be ordered here. Inserisci link

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