Monday, 20 February 2012

Article about The Boar

Keeping tracks of things...

Maria Grazia wrote a super-interesting article about my comic, The Boar, praising me so much that I'm humbled. That's what she wrote:

The historical facts, battles and politics, are just hinted at: it is mainly a romance made up of flashes with many shifts in time. If a flaw must be found in this beautiful , original graphic work it is that someone who does not know the facts may feel lost and disoriented. But it is such an atmospheric, gripping tale that they may be lead to search and discover more about this fascinating character: "Dickon", the man who will become Richard III.

An interview for the same blog will be published soon. Thank you! :D


Giulie Speziani said...

That's an awesome review. Congrats!

Cecilia said...

thanks, Giulie!