Thursday, 23 February 2012

Celebrity Death Match: King Arthur VS Charlemagne!

The two grandfathers of Medieval Europe
King Arthur and Charlemagne are the founding figures at the origin of the two main cycles of epic/romance poetry, the Arturian cycle (or matter of Britain) and the Carolingian cycle (or matter of France.) The Carolingian cycle continued to be developed until the beginning of XVII century, producing masterpieces from the Song of Roland to the Orlando Furioso. The Arthurian cycle was rekindled during the XIX century and continues to present days; I'd like to see a similar attention for the Carolingian cycle.

King Arthur and Charlemagne playing chess was a very old idea of mine... dating back some three years at least. I finally did it for the Historical Characters series.

For the first time, I show you something I inked with a tablet! :)

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