Saturday, 29 September 2012

A lot of updates!

First, a big THANK YOU to all the people who are supporting In Absentia on Indiegogo! After two weeks, the campaign has already reached the 51% of funds, and there are still two months to go!

I've had a temperature for the last two days, but before that, I had reached page 11 (with inks) and page 7 (with colours). Page 7 was the one that took me the longest, so far - and I still have to letter it.

Per quelli di voi che leggono l'italiano, c'รจ una mia intervista su In Absentia sul blog di Cristina Zagaria. Grazie, Cristina!


Justin Heggs, the writer of Daddy, which I illustrated last summer, published all the short comic (5 pages) on his blog

Here is just the first page. Please visit Justin's blog for the rest! :D


As a second news, also the website for another comic I worked on last winter is now fully online. I only drew and inked Hexed (written by Matt O'Keefe) and haven't read the rest so far, but I'm eager to do so!


I know some people may hate me for this (yes, you, Amerigo), but on Wednesday I sold my copy of Epileptic by David B. Since one of the first posts in this blog was about it, I thought I should write it here. In two years, I was never able to re-read it (and I re-read comics MANY times - I mean, I've read Spent by Joe Matt some four times in the first month after I bought it) and I considered it as bringing a bad omen to my bookshelf. Weird, I know. You can despise me if you wish. But I could not force myself to appreciate or enjoy that graphic novel.

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