Saturday, 1 September 2012


Flavius Aetius, I mean, not Ezio Auditore of Assassin's Creed.

I have this Aetius' biography in mind (to do I don't know when), and I used him to do a bit of inking practice. I read Klaus Janson's DC Guide to Inking, recently, and I tried a few tips described in the book.


This was inked starting with the fine lines inside and then adding the black outside. Finer lines were inked with a Leonardt nib (not my usual one), while outer borders were done with a brush. Not my usual method, of course. 

This was inked entirely with a brush.

The figure on the right (which should represent a normal soldier of the late empire, if I got my references right) was inked starting with the outer border, inked with a brush, and then the inside was inked with my usual Hunt 108 nib. The Hun on the left was inked entirely with #108 except for the fur.

Again, inked entirely with a Hunt 108.


Ramsay Bolton said...

These are brilliant pictures, Cecilia!

ampersand said...

Cecilia, should I call the police? Ramsay Bolton is leaving comments on your journal - who know what he will do next! ;-)

Lurve the inks!

Cecilia said...

Well, I even did a commission for him! (The Ramsay/Reek one ;)