Monday, 12 November 2012

In Absentia pp 10-11 + sketches

So late with everything! I came back from Lucca last Monday, full of ideas and things to do, and I barely had time to update all my various blogs/social networks etc. I went home to find a big surprise, namely that page 5 of In Absentia had received a Daily Deviation on deviantArt (<3) and so many new readers have found it! Thank you so much!

I managed to add the lettering to pages 10 and 11 just in time to upload them on dA last Monday, and I have finished NOW to colour page 12, which will be uploaded in the evening.

I was also able to colour three more sketches for funders on Indiegogo, who had selected the 25$ perk. Adele, Eva, Patrizia: thank you so much!

Finally, I finally posted the Italian version of the first nine pages on Verticalismi, so that also the Italian readers can understand it (it was originally written in Italian, after all.)

GRAZIE - stay tuned!

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