Friday, 25 April 2014

Art for Mary Balogh's The Secret Pearl

I have been wanting to write about this topic for some time, and having spent the afternoon on this little drawing reminded me of this.

I have been working professionally as an artist for almost three years now, producing comics, storyboards, and occasionally ads and single commissions. I am not at all “born taught”, as we Italian say; I am slowly trying to get better and to draw in a more effective way.
I don’t always like what I draw. I don’t always get what I what at a first try. Most of my job, in fact, is made of corrections, re-drawing, throwing things I don’t like away. There are many drawings that never get scanned and posted online.

In the case above, I had first drawn the third picture. I have re-drawn Fleur’s face so many times that the eraser started to scratch the paper off. When I inked it, I didn’t like how I inked her at all. I had inked without a specific idea in mind.

So I re-drew it from scratch, despite the fact that I quite liked how Adam had come out, and that I still prefer the first Adam to the one I later colored. But the second try seemed to me more balanced, overall, and I inked also Fleur with a purpose. Not that I believe it’s a particularly spectacular drawing, but I enjoyed making it.

By the way, I also looked for references for 1822 fashion, but in the end I simplified her dress.

What’s the point of all of this? Possibly to support those who don’t like their first drawing and think that they are making it all wrong, too. That’s not the case. Art, or more simply a drawing, it’s not a matter of reaching your aim at first try. In fact, drawing over and over can be one of the most meditative aspect of the whole practice. Don’t give up after the first line went awry. Art is made with erasers too.


Friday, 11 April 2014

Artemisia (from 300: Rise of an Empire)

A fanart for Eva Green's character in 300: Rise of an Empire (still the movie I liked best in 2014.)