Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Endling on Comixology

The Endling Collections 6 (featuring chapters 21-24) and 7 (feat. chapters 25-28) are finally on Comixology! They include lots of bonus material.


The JOckeress: Emergence strip

I have illustrated the first strip of the comic version of The JOckeress: Emergence by Bryan Follins. Another strip is coming soon.

The JOckeress facebook page

Roll of the Die interview

During September and October I've drawn (and colored!!) the 16 pages of the story "Roll of the Die" by Michael Sebastian, which will be included in the anthology Death Saves.

Here you can find an interview about this project.

News and praise about Golden Age

Golden Age (written by Giulie Speziani & Rob Harrington and illustrated by me) is now available on Comixology:

 An interview with Giulie Speziani on Comics Alliance (features pages from our comics together)

Praise on Part-time Fanboy:

While the story is very endearing what makes Golden Age work most is its beautiful art. Cecilia Latella brings a warmth to every page with her hand painted artwork. Every page is breathtaking and while this is actually a comic book, Latella’s style is on par with some of the best children’s books artists out there. When I first picked up the comic I was actually shocked as to how good the art was. Latella’s talent was of the sort that I couldn’t turn away from…she’s that amazing.

Praise on Major Spoilers:

The art of Golden Age is as beautiful as one would expect. Cecilia Latella has utterly simple lines filled in with water colour paints. This hand painted aesthetic highlights the whimsy of Rosa’s dream-life as the Wrangler as well as the inherent appeal in her bright, spritely self as a character. The environment, like Rosa herself, is painted in fresh colours that speak to all the potential resting on the horizon of Italy as a growing country and Rosa as a growing girl.
Cecilia Latella tackles every art duty on Golden Age with aplomb, while at the same thing not giving off the impression of showing off. She brings magic to the page complementing the wonderful story. Even those readers who focus solely on the artistic aspect of comic book production will find Golden Age a visual treasure trove.

 Praise on What'cha Reading? Golden Age is a Timeless Childhood Classic 

The artwork in this book is as sweet as the story it accompanies. Cecilia Latella has a knack for drawing children, and the vivid colors are bright like the memories of childhood. I also loved the shift in style for the comic that inspires Rosa to superherodom—it looks for all the world like a Golden Age comic about Hitler. 

Recent fantasy commissions

I have neglected this blog for too long. I have to make up for it!

A couple of latest fantasy commissions:

Commission for David E. White's RPG race, the Ashenja.

Commission for Michelle Murrain's character, Daneli, the protagonist of her House Trageri Saga.