DRIVEN BLOOD (2018), by Adam T. Bailey, available on Comixology

LE TENDE BIANCHE (2018), written and drawn by me, Renbooks

LET GO (2017), written by Ted Kupper and Jon Perry, funded and published through a Kickstarter campaign. You can now buy it on Amazon.

TWISTED PULP: AN OUT OF THE BLUE COLLECTION (Stache Publishing, 2016), a pulp anthology featuring short story "What Change Love Brings", written by Yutaka Dirks, art by me. Available on amazon and drivethrucomics

 NATIVE LANDS issues 1-3 (2015-16) (written by James Cavanagh, drawn by me, colored by Michael Woods) available on Comixology, Gumroad and Comicsy

DEATH SAVES: FALLEN HEROES OF THE KITCHEN TABLE (2015), a fantasy anthology edited by Josh Trujillo, featuring short story "Roll of the Die", written by Michael Sebastian, drawn and colored by me. Available on and Comixology

IN ABSENTIA, written and drawn by me, new edition 2015, available on Comixology

THE ENDLING (2013-14), written by Jonathan Larsen, colors by Paul Mounts (#1-4) and Jenn Manley Lee (#5-onward), available on and on Comixology
GOLDEN AGE (2013), written by Robert Harrington and Giulie Speziani (Ginger Rabbit Studio.) Available on Comixology

IN ABSENTIA (2012), written and drawn by me. Can be read on deviantArt and on smackjeeves.

DOCTOR MUSCLES: Journal 1 (2012), written by Austin Tinius (Bogus Publishing); Colours on #4, Art and colours on #5

DEADLESS (2012), written by Matt O'Keefe (Alterna Comics). Art on episode "Hexed". Available on Comixology.

BY THE SLICE (2011), written by Giulie Speziani (Ginger Rabbit Studio.) Available on Comixology 
DON'T BE AFRAID (2011), episode "Daddy", written by Justin Heggs. Can be read here.

BALLOONS (2011), short story written and drawn by me, published in Italian in magazine Animals #25 and in English in The Florida Review 37.1.

 Il cinghiale // The Boar (2009-10). A biographical comic about Richard III, available both in English and in Italian on and on

 Strange Eyes (mini webcomic), 2011

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