Wednesday, 22 December 2010

what am I doing?

Gawain for sigune by *cabepfir on deviantART

Tomorrow I'll leave for the Christmas holidays.

In the meanwhile, what I'm doing? I'm preparing a project to submit to a graphic novel contest held by the newborn publishing house, Blam. Since the project has to remain top secret, I'm restrained from showing you anything yet, I'm sorry. In any case I completed the 16 requested pages and I'm currently working on the characters' sheets.

I have also completed a commission for redcandle17 this morning, and I also plan to enter her contest about mother/daughters on deviantArt. No surprise that I intend to participate also to the Artful Snape challenge on #Spinners-End to celebrate Snape's birthday on January 9th.

Beside that, when I'll finish the things to do for Blam contest above I'm going to start a new short story, entitled The Knight of Love.

And that's it, for the moment. Merry Christmas to everyone.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas carols

XMas 2010 by *cabepfir on deviantART

Today Fanart Friday allowed Christmas cards ;) This is a slight retouching of the card I did for the Christmas carols concert of the choir I'm in. The show will be on Sunday evening.

Soon (I hope) I will also explain you what I'm working on at the moment. Nice weekend everybody.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Belated Fanart Friday

Last Fanart Friday was dedicated to our great master artist, Craig Thompson, an artist to whom I owe too much to be described. Unfortunately tumblr bitching prevented me from posting my images on time, and during the weekend I dedicated myself to other things. So, with a bit of delay, here is my due tribute to the man who allowed me to fly to Florida.



These are the first two pages of a 4 pages comic I did back sometime around 2006, clearly under the influence of Craig's brushwork. It was probably the first time I inked a comic with a brush, and actually the flow of some details amazes me still now, considering that I tend to segment my lines even with a brush.

This is a simple joke I did after coming back from the ACA. We saw a lot of pelicans during our boat trip on the Indian River. The Italian sound for crows and other kinds of birds is "Cra" and I mixed it with Craig's name. Therefore, Peli-craig.

Thank you for everything, Craig.

Saturday, 4 December 2010


Unwillingly and unexpectedly, I found myself in the role of the victim during a recent deviantART censorship raid. The following drawing was reported and deleted for "underage nudity". No need to explain that there is no nudity and no underage intended at all.


It was only a SS/HG version of the torture Hermione has to suffer at Bellatrix' hands in DH, as reminded me by the recent DH 0.1 movie.

To take it easy and have a laugh, I have listed a reason of what I like most in SS/HG fanfics.

What I like in fics by *cabepfir on deviantART

Friday, 3 December 2010

Fanart Friday: Paul Pope

Paul Pope inking a lobster illustration that was given to Chef Tom as a present. For today's ACA Fanart Friday.

Paul Pope is really an inspirational artist and his dedication to the ACA residency was admirable. He brought a lot of guests, including artists (such as Sam Hiti), PRs, his mother and his girlfriend. As everyone has already stated, he could give with nonchalance really deep speeches, filled with what would become known as "Paul Pope quotes". The inking/watercolouring session with Sam Bradley was a perfect example of his metaphysical thinking in action.