Sunday, 23 January 2011

Angoulême, presque

Theo Turnese by *cabepfir on deviantART

Sometimes I remember to scan and put online drawings that weren't drawn and uploaded at once. This Theo has been drawn in Florida, during the ACA residency. One of the first drawings to be inked with my fabulous Hunt #108 Flexible Quill.

On Tuesday I'll leave for Angoulême, France. I'm excited and terrified at the same time. What is sure - I am not prepared as I should. Easy guess.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


A new fanart for ASOIAF - drawn during Christmas holidays, actually. Jeyne and Sybell Westerling leaving Riverrun at the end of Feast for Crows.

Torn by *cabepfir on deviantART

I can't believe that in a week I'm going to be in Angoulême. I still have so many things to finish. And my portfolio isn't ready. Aaah, how I'm going to do it?

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Un rumore nella foresta

Un rumore nella foresta by *cabepfir on deviantART

This is from Asanor. Asanor is my fantasy saga, built inside my head since 1998. I also draw a first draft of it from 2002 to 2005, which ended at page 948. One day, hopefully, it will be re-drawn properly.

As for the moment, the whole saga runs like this:

  1. Asanor (the main tale, about 1000 pages long)
  2. A collection of short stories, namely:
  • The summer when Jibras turned eleven;
  • The pinewood of Sevonell;
  • How sprung the thorns of the roses;
  • War between siblings;

all these stories are prequels to Asanor.

3. The nine temples of Royke (second tale, sequel to Asanor, another 1000 pages, more or less ;)

The characters in the drawing here above are Asanor (in the background) and his best friend, the elf Dwenn. I don't know what they're afraid of.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Happy 51 Severus Snape!

January 9 is Professor Snape's birthday. Happy 51, Professor!

Blue Period Snape by *cabepfir on deviantART

(click on the link for more explaination about this Rowling/Picasso crossover)

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm awfully late for New Year wishes, but unfortunately I don't have a scanner in the house where I spend my holidays. In any case, I can assure you that these three drawings have all been drawn and inked well before the New Year's Eve, and so it is only the uploading that has been delayed.

A girl I saw in the girls' toilet of a pub I went with my friends on Christmas day.


From the time when they were happy - Theo and Gaveston, two characters from the Asanor universe.


Their character design has quite changed from the first time I drew them - I still have troubles in visualizing exactly how Theo's nose and face should be.

A very merry 2011 to you all.