Wednesday, 11 January 2012

What I'm doing right now

1. I'm working as art director in an animated feature movie, La Cantata dei Pastori. There has been an article about it on the Italian newspaper La Repubblica one week ago or so. The article is in Italian, but you can see a few pictures here with some of the main characters and, in the end, a picture of the staff working on it.

2. I'm realising a graphic novel project for writer Dino Caruso, Community Service. I just fell in love with the story, and I just cross fingers that many other people will as well.
This is another study for the protagonist, Drummond:

I'm currently pencilling page 1.

3. I'm working on a short comic for writer Matt O' Keefe, Hexed - it will be published hopefully in March, so stay tuned!


Dino said...

I've seen the pencils for page one, and they are AWESOME!!

Cecilia said...

Thank you, Dino! I will start inking tomorrow, probably :)