Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Endling news

I lost tracks for so long of what happened regarding The Endling in the last few months... Yes, we went on hiatus, but that only means we're working on it so it can flow (hopefully) without interruption in 2014. I've just handed in Issue 28 and working is going on. Anyway, just to recap:

The Endling is now available on Comixology! The first three collections, at least, each one featuring four chapters plus afterwords and bonus materials (layouts, pencils, etc.)

Jonathan, me and Paul Mounts at the NYCC

Jonathan and I were interviewed by Pipedream Comics: “Anything that expands the number of outlets for storytelling will open doors for more people to come on through” Jonathan Larsen and Cecilia Latella discuss digital publishing with Thrillbent and their sci-fi fairytale The Endling

 Pipedream Comics also published a review of The Endling. Have and excerpt:

Reminiscent at time of IDW Pubishing’s Memorial, it has a soft gentle pace, with an almost feminine feel to it – which in part is thanks to the influence of Italian artist Cecilia Latella. Her strong simple line work gives the book a very smart classic feel – especially when it comes to the characterisation of the Endling – and as well as mastering the modern world of the science lab, she also has a great grasp of the split world of the savagary of the Endling’s world juxtaposing the simulated world’s barbarity with the modern world’s tranquility.

By the way, I'd love to share also what a reader, Robin, wrote in the Thrillbent comments:

Loving everything on this site but so far this is the stand out comic for me. Genuinely thought Z was going to be replaced by the endling in the tank. Proper feeling of tension and only one innocent to root for with no idea who the true bad guy is. Keep coming guys.

The Endling will be back at the end of the month. Hold on, it will be worth it! 


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