Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Jonathan interviewed by Matt O'Keefe

Matt O'Keefe, the author of Deadless (for which I drew a short episode some time ago) has interviewed Jonathan about The Endling for The Beat. You can read the interview here:

Interview: For Jonathan Larsen, The Endling is only the Beginning

 I've also just read a very interesting article on Multiversity Comics (which was reblogged by Fiona Staples on tumblr),

What To Look For When You’re Talking About Comic Art, From Pro Reviewers and Pro Artists

"- It’s a story first: Reviewers often treat writers like the primary storytellers, but so much of the story – from the pacing and mood to the subtle bits that elevate the material – is created by the artist. The story isn’t a writer telling the story, but the writer and the artist doing that together."



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