Sunday, 28 November 2010

About nibs


ampersand said...

Nibs and me, we are no friends. Which is sad, because I love the look of pen drawings. For writing, I love fountain pens to bits, but for drawing I don't like them, as their lines always have the same thickness. But with quill pens I'm useless.

You have a lovely set of fountain pens, by the way :D!

Cecilia said...

I think that, in a certain sense, our tools choose us according to our style and innate hand gestures. I have a rather shaky way of pencilling; I mean that I pass over again the same part many times instead than just doing one straight line and that I don't close the lines. Nibs allow me to follow these fragmented lines more than marker liners or brushes, which request a more flowing hand. Beside that, I like to feel the point of the nib actually touching the paper, it gives me a sensation of control over the drawing that I totally don't have while I try to ink with brushes.