Saturday, 8 September 2012

Commission: Austen blog

A new header for the blog My Jane Austen Book Club. Thanks Maria Grazia!

Watercolours on Clairefontaine Etival, plus a few textures and brushes. Full credits are on deviantArt (click on the image.)


Ramsay Bolton said...

I really should read more of Austen. Looking at this picture makes me want to grab Pride & Prejudice ^^

Cecilia said...

In truth, I never read Austen ^^ I've watched many movies, yes, but I was never able to read more than 20 pages of one of her novels. Shame on me!

Ramsay Bolton said...

Haha, I have read Emma and Pride & Prejudice pushed by awesome movies I saw. The books are to my liking, they are written in nice light style.

But couldn't make through Mansfield Park, that book was bah.